NMD lab members perform invasive experiments on rodents, as well as non-invasive studies in humans. The latter will be in collaboration with other researchers inside/outside FIU. The animal experiments are based on the combination of pharmacological manipulations and three main recording techniques (i.e. intracranial and large-scale electrical potentials, laser Doppler flowmetry and physiological measurements). The pharmacological manipulations target crucial sub-pathways within the neurovascular coupling route in normal rodents and in those used to model pathological situations. Of particular interest will be dementias, epilepsy and the cerebro-vascular accidents.

1-System for electrophysiological recordings on rodents (TDT, US), 128 Channel recording System with Data Streamer and EEG Additions, RZ2-8 Z-Series 8 DSP High Performance Processor, RZ-UDP-20 10 mBit UDP Interface for RZ2, PZ2-128 Z-Series 128-Channel Preamp, RZ_DSP_P DSP processor for additional PZ2/PZ3 amps – DSP Upgrade, RZ_DSP_S DSP for RZ Processor for RS4 Streamer – DSP Upgrade, CMF Custom Manufacturing Form: Place Holder for EMG Connections, PO5e Optical PCI express Card for Optibit Interface, OpenEx Multichannel software for Design, Acquisition & Analysis, OD1 Open Developer Suite, SpikePac OpenEx Ext Package for Multi-Channel Neural Recording, RS4-1 Z-Series 1-Port Data Streamer, PZ3-32 Z-Series 32-Channel Low Impedance Preamp, N-ECS Neurophysiology Experiment Control System, Zip-Clip HeadStage 64 Channels, DIP and Samtec FOLC High Density Headstages, MEA: 16 RA16AC, 32 NN32AC, 64 NN64AC, 16 RA16CH and 3D Probes

2-System for laser Doppler flowmetry on rodents (Perimed Inc, US), PF 5001 Main Unit (780nm Diode Laser, 1 mW), PF 5010 LDPM Unit, Custom Probe 411 + PF 570 Recorder Cable

3-Physiology monitoring apparatus for rodents (ADInstruments), PL3508/P PowerLab 8/35 and LabChart Pro, FE221 Bridge Amp, FE136 Animal Bio Amp, SPR-1000 Pressure Catheter, ML312 T-type Pod, MLT1404 Rectal Probe for Mice (RET-3), MLA1203 Needle Electrodes (5), AEC-10D Catheter Interface Cable.

The following minor instrumentation are available in the lab: Isoflurane Vaporizer (Harvard Apparatus, US), Micromanipulator MPC-200 “Both Hand” (Sutter, US), Stereotaxic Instrument SR-5R (Narishige, Japan), In-Vivo Stereotaxic (Customized – Narishige, Japan), Anti-vibration Table INT1-46-6-A (Newport, US)

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