Laboratory Equipment

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Neuronal Mass Dynamics Laboratory (Florida International University):

  • EEG recording: MRI compatible 32-channels EEG amplifiers (BrainAmp MR, Brain Product GmbH)
  • High-resolution intracranial electrical recordings: 128 channel recording system with data streamer (Tucker & Davis Technologies)
    • PZ2-128 Z-Series 128-Channel Preamp
    • RZ2-8 Z-Series 8 DSP High Performance Processor
    • RS4 Streamer
    • OpenEx Multichannel software for Design, Acquisition & Analysis
    • OD1 Open Developer Suite, SpikePac OpenEx Ext Package for Multi-Channel Neural Recording
    • N-ECS Neurophysiology Experiment Control System
    • 2 Zip-Clip HeadStage 64 Channels
    • High Density Headstages: 16 RA16AC, 32 NN32AC, 64 NN64AC, 16 RA16CH
  • Physiology monitoring apparatus: 8 channels recording system for rodents (ADInstruments)
    • PL3508/P PowerLab 8/35 with LabChart Pro
    • FE221 Bridge Amp
    • FE136 Animal Bio Amp with MLA1203 Needle Electrodes (5)
    • SPR-1000 Pressure Catheter, AEC-10D Catheter Interface Cable
    • ML312 T-type Pod, MLT1404 Rectal Probe for Mice (RET-3)
  • MEA insertion:
    • Multi-micromanipulator systems: (Sutter, US) – 2 MPC-200 with a ROE 200, with 3 MPC-385/MPC-325 – “Both Hand”
    • VCR-800, Digital Microscope (HIROX)
  • Sectioning and imaging:
    • Cryostat (CM-1950, Leica Microsystems Inc.)
    • Fluorescent microscope (Leica DM, Leica Microsystems Inc.)
    • Stereological image analysis software (NeuroLucida; MBF Bioscience – MicroBrightField, Inc.) operating a computer controlled (Objective Imaging Ltd, Stow cum Quy, Cambridge, UK) microscope stage (Ludl Electronic Products Ltd, Hawthorne, NY) regulated in the x-, y-, and z-axes.
    • Inverted fluorescent microscope (DV Elite™ Imaging System, Applied Precision)
  • Anesthesia: 2 Isoflurane Vaporizer (Harvard Apparatus, US)
  • Rat head fixation: Stereotaxic instruments (Narishige, Japan)
    • 2 SR-5R
    • In vivo customized system for 3D-MEA insertion
  • Anti-vibration Table: INT1-46-6-A (Newport, US)
  • Behavior: Standard mazes and video tracking systems, in use for the NIH grant (1R01DA037838-01, Co-I).
  • Intrinsic optical signal (IOS) recording: We have developed in-house a dual-wavelength optical imaging system for studying hemodynamics changes from the neocortex of rodents (see Figure).
  • Dual-wavelength optical imaging system constructed in-house (Dr. Lin)